Tuesday, November 29, 2011

22 Sleeps...

Only 22 more sleeps until the winter solstice! Then the days will start to get longer again. Not a moment too soon... this dark crap is getting to me. There are just not enough daylight hours to get everything done I want to!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Life and Death of Peckerhead

I think I told you I got several heritage chicks in this year from my friend, Amanda. I got a couple of Light Sussex, and some Blue Orpingtons. They all grew up over the summer. The sussex were so friendly! One of them, every time I would walk into their enclosure would hop up on my shoulder for a ride. The first time he did it, it scared the living crap out of me. I squealed, of course!
After that, I got used to it. Mostly.
Everytime I would move in a way the bird didn't like, he'd peck me in the back of the head. OUCH! Little bugger!
So, of course I named him PeckerHead;-) You routinely peck me in the head, you don't deserve a pretty name!

As they all grew up, I realized that both Sussex, and and most of the Orps were roos. Of course! Wouldn't you know it!

So, I ate them.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm Back....!

Ok! Ok! I've been getting trouble from all over for not blogging lately. To that, I say SORRY! Personally, I can't believe so many people read this silly thing;-)

I have a LOT to catch up on, and will do so gradually over the next little while.
First, to let you know why I haven't blogged for a while!

My CSA shares finished in mid-October. I did 18 shares this year all told. Last year I did 5, and really didn't think 18 was all that much. For some reason, the workload from 5-18 shares didn't just triple... it seemed to rise exponentially. I felt like I was picking veggies for 50 shares. From about mid-August on, when the shares got bigger, it was taking me almost 2 days to pick, clean, package and bag everyones veggies. At the same time, the dog boarding biz was super busy, so all I did was work from dawn to dusk. I got tired, and cranky and just plum burned out. I would just finish one week, then I would have to start picking again for the next. Plus teaching dog training classes. I just didn't have the energy for anything extra, it seemed. It is mid November now, and I feel like I am just recovering now. Honestly, I don't really think that the shares alone were too much, it was the combination of everything, every day, all the time. If I was JUST doing farming for a living, I think I would have handled it just fine. But, the dog boarding is what pays the bills, so I must plug on for another year or two until I get the farm up to snuff. Next year, I am only going to do 10 shares or fewer. I think the other problem I had was delivering 10 of the shares to Nanaimo each week. That took a lot out of me, too. I would just go to one location, and everyone would pick their bag up from there, but I had to rearrange my doggy day care schedule, and then drive for 2 hours. So, the other decision I have made is to ONLY do local shares. Even if I only sell 2 of them, but they are local, it won't take so much out of me. Instead, I may try to go to a local farmers' market on Wednesday of next year. It will help to raise awareness and build some clientele for the farm.

Oh! But good news! I have decided to bite the bullet, and hire someone regularly for Saturdays from now on. Sooooo, starting next Sat, I will be having the day off!! I am so excited... it's been about 3 years since I've had a regular day off. I don't even know what to do with myself! I needed to do it whether I can afford it or not, just to keep what sanity I have left;-) It will all work out, right??!!!

Flooded Driveway

Flooded Driveway
Too much RAIN!