Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's Here!!

It's the middle of October, and guess what? We are finally, FINALLY getting rain!! And lots of it. The gardens look happier, the well is happier, and the grass started to green up within 24 hours of the first dump we had. Now, of course, it will rain for the next six months. I'm ok with that... as long as my gardens are happy and grow again. I am hoping against hope that it stays warm enough that some of my fall crops I planted (in JULY!!) will start growing before we get too much frost. I also planted a bunch of kale that only got watered once in the last 2 or more months - it's been hanging on (miracle!), so now should start growing for harvest soon.

What a relief.

I did, however, go out the other day and invest in some rain pants! Lots of work to do, and I don't want to be too wimpy and not get it done just because it is wet some days!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


So everyone that knows me understands I am obsessed with my dogs. They make me happy! They don't judge, they are always glad to see me, and they are fun to be around. I bred my sportmix Reckless with my Border Collie Kybosh this year. June 17, I had my first litter of puppies. I had homes all lined up for them all, then at the last minute, three people fell off the list. I found super good wonderful homes to replace two of them. I am keeping one puppy (will introduce her soon!) and am still looking for the perfect home for the last little puppy. Who is a sweet, smart, I-want-to-please little puppy, and I can't understand why no one will love her! She has tonnes of potential. I just can't raise two sibling puppies... it is so hard to give them both all the attention they need and deserve.

My new Pack of Six - Boom-boom, Maggie, Kybosh, Reckless, Monkey and Bender
Bender - newest addition

Cordy - sweet little split face
 So, I am determined to find a GOOD home for little Cordy - she needs better than what I have to offer. And my little Bender is turning out to be a superstar. She has been coming with me to classes and doing demos for me - at just 15 weeks old! All the pups have been super easy to train and work with. Bender is almost as smart as her daddy! I am raising her to be my next kick assed little agility dog. She is training for flyball as well, but agility is what I really wanted her for.

Just thought I would introduce the new family!

Still waiting....

It is Oct 2. We STILL have had no measurable rain since the second week in June. It's actually giving me kind of a creepy, eery feeling. I have never, ever known a Sept to be so dry! We got about 5 drops last week, not even enough to make the driveway wet. I went to get a drink of water out of the tap this morning, and there was bits in the water - I am thinking this means my well is down to its last drops. That's a scary feeling! I will go lift the lid a bit later, check it out.

Some fun news - I got my first 4 turkeys done last weekend. They were already presold. I made $330 bucks from them! (which sounds really cool, and I was super excited about it until I started crunching the numbers!). After I get the next 10 done this weekend (also all presold), I will basically break even on turkeys, but I will have 5 left over to make turkey sausage with for myself. The good news is that this is the first time I will have broke even on turkeys! Usually I lose money due to some disaster or other. Maybe I'm finally getting the hang of this farming thing....

Flooded Driveway

Flooded Driveway
Too much RAIN!