Monday, January 18, 2010

Wind Storm Day

I got woken up at about 1:30 am this morning, just as the power was going out. The wind was blowing so hard, I thought my little house was going to blow away to Oz!
By the time morning had arrived, the weather was gorgeous... still no power, but at least it wasn't cold out.
This morning was doomsday for the turkeys. I was so terrified to catch the damn things, I called a friend over to help. Amanda and Tyler came over late last nite... it was amazing to watch! Amanda has no fear at all, and just went and grabbed those turkeys by the neck, and picked them up around their bodies. It took her and Tyler all of 15 minutes to get them all... even when 2 of them flew over the fence and escaped. We just herded them back in, and poof! They were caught. I pick them up tomorrow morning. Wonder what's on the menu tomorrow night? Oh! It must be TURKEY! I can't wait to taste one of these things- see if they are worth all the pain and trouble they have caused!

I spent most of the day outside with the dogs, gardening. I weeded a bunch of beds... getting ready for planting season! and noticed that my garlic is coming up already. Is garlic coming up in January a record? Just shows how mild this winter has been so far. I also spent alot of time picking up blown down branches, and putting them in the compost.

Will let you know how dinner tastes tomorrow...!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

CSA Hooray!

Well, I've been super busy this week! I put in ads all over for my CSA shares, not really expecting anything, but hoping for the best. I've had enough replies that I think I've sold all my shares for this year! I mailed off my contracts to all, and will know for sure when the deposit cheques come in. I am SOOOO SUPER STOKED! The deposits will pay for my humungous seed order (about $300) and then the rest is paid the end of May. My first shares are expected to be ready to go the first week in June. I've heard rumours of an early spring, so maybe everything will grow gangbusters, and I'll make all my CSA members so happy, that all will return next year and tell all their friends!
I've also had quite a few people express an interest in chickens for this year, as well. I plan on starting some poults in March/April. I am going to do my Dorkings, but I am also going to do some hybrid chickens, just for some faster return. I plan on sending out an email for preorders at that time, so I make sure I order enough poults for everyone, plus a few for myself. It's going to be a fun and challenging spring!
My hens are starting to lay quite well, and I've now sold my first couple dozen eggs from a cooler at the end of my driveway. I am putting that change in a little jar, which I will use to purchase their feed, so now they can start paying for themselves. Things are going great on the Crazy Dog Farm!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rain, Winter? and Garden Beds...

Another torrential rainy week! We had a brief break this morning, and I got busy outside. You have to get these things done when you get a break, or nothing would ever get done! I am really pleased with what I did this morning. I built 3 more garden beds, filled one with manure and soil, and rescued a stupid turkey again. The turkeys go in next week... if I can catch them....

I now have 30 garden beds done- but 27 ready to go for the spring. The only hold up is gathering enough manure and compost to fill them with. Regardless, I am super happy about my progress! I got everything I needed to get done by the time the rain started again, so it worked out perfect today. Just wish that horse would poo a little faster!

I made some new friends who brought me a bunch of cardboard to lay down under these beds. People are so awesome and helpful when you are farming! That's my other holdup- trying to get enough cardboard to lay under the beds to keep the weeds down. I go down about twice a week and rob all the local dumpsters of their cardboard... the only problem is that I can only reach down so far, so I find it hard to collect all I need.

Oh! The best thing is..... I sold another CSA share, and have a couple more people interested.  I made up my contracts the other day, and mailed them out. It is super exciting! I have actually been getting responses from ads on Craigslist and UsedNanaimo, etc. Very cool, and very promising for the spring!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Spring Days???

Ok, so it's January, and it's WARM out! It feels wonderful, I am truly enjoying having 8-10 degree C days. BUT, I also wonder if mother nature has a nasty surprise just waiting for us around the corner...

Regardless, I am making use of these nice days while we have them. I have been purchasing lumber for making more garden beds, and have spent the last couple of days putting them together. Nothing goes entirely smoothly, however, as my brand new wheelbarrow decided to get a flat tire, and no one was open on the weekend to fix it for me. So, I haven't been able to fill the beds yet... and really, that's what takes the longest time.

I am just waiting for a couple of boarding dogs to be dropped off, then I am running into town to get the tire fixed, so I can get moving. My goal is to have all 25 beds done, filled, and ready to go by March 15... time is passing quickly. Tomorrow is supposed to be a non-rainy day, so I can get moving on filling these things.

I have also been busy this morning putting in my first ads for my CSA memberships. I only have 3 memberships left for this year, but it will nice to see what kind of response I get... Otherwise, I'll just be selling produce at the farmers' markets.

Flooded Driveway

Flooded Driveway
Too much RAIN!