Saturday, October 24, 2009

Holy Cow, What a Day!

There is never a dull day on the Crazy Dog Farm! The day started out regular enough. Exercised the dogs, went for groceries. When I came back, I started letting dogs out and heard a cow mooing. Thought nothing of it, except that it sounded like my side neighbour may have gotten a cow...

Nope! It was me! Then, I discovered not one, but TWO cows wandering around my yard, munching and pooping away. The dogs were extremely well behaved. A couple barked at the cows, but came back no problem when I called them. Then, they just pretty much ignored the cows. I knew the cows came from my back neighbours yard, and found out they basically just pushed the fence over, and made themselves at home. They couldn't get back, because the fence was pushed the wrong way. Silly cows. I phoned the guy who owns them, and let him know they were over visiting. When he got here, it took him a good two hours to get the cows back in his own yard. The first one went in fine, but the second one was the most stubborn beast I have ever seen! She was just NOT going to go back! I guess there's so much more better grass here at the Crazy Dog Farm!!

From the looks of it, I will be spending most of the day tomorrow scooping up cow patties. Holy, moly, cows poop alot! At least it will make good compost!
I had so many other things I wanted to get done today, and couldn't get anything done because I was too busy mananging dogs and cows. The only thing I did was to dig 10 holes for some more hedging, this time at the front fence. Alot of deer come over there, and I want to get that part covered asap. Still have to clear a bunch of bush, and dig more holes, so I hope we have another nice day coming up soon! Today was gorgeous.

At least today taught me that it will be feasible in the future to have a cow of my own. Not for a year or two, but it can be done!! I just need stronger fences;-)

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Flooded Driveway

Flooded Driveway
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