Thursday, November 5, 2009

Seriously... NEVER a dull day!

Another adventurous day on the Crazy Dog Farm. I have two VERY active dogs boarding right now, so sometimes I let them out together before I let the other dogs out, just to burn off some of their extra energy. This was what I did the other day. Eddie and Bella were racing through the stream that runs through the property, when Eddie suddenly goes ballistic. Both he and Bella are trying to get something in the water. At first, I thought it was a duck. It was an otter. The poor thing was absolutely terrified. I called the dogs, and Bella actually came, but Eddie was in too primal a place to respond. Then he got bit on the nose, and it was finally possible to grab him. That poor little otter didn't know what he was in for when he started to pass through the property! I'm pretty sure he won't be back anytime soon. It was kind of cool seeing one so close up, though. They are such amazing animals. When they are not biting you on the nose;-) !!

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Flooded Driveway

Flooded Driveway
Too much RAIN!