Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cutting costs

Some of the ways I am saving money while I get through the tuff time. Many of these ways I have implemented, and will keep doing even when I am doing just fine! Really, I am almost grateful, as it is forcing me to go back to a simpler way of life, which is where I want to be, but sometimes it's hard letting go of some of the modern 'conveniences' we are so used to.

Got rid of the TV last June. Saves me about $70/month.  That's $840 per year! Funny thing is that I don't really miss it like I thought I would, and I am WAY more productive. If I want to relax, I play with the dogs, or read a book.

Cutting electricity - no TV to plug in. I make sure I turn off the computer and printer and all the little gadgets attached each night, then I also turn off the surge protector thingy, so nothing is pulling a charge. I stopped using the dishwasher - didn't work well anyway - I always had to redo most of the dishes in the sink afterwards. Why was I continuing to waste all that water and electricity, anyway?? Admitedly, I am not the best at doing the dishes, but I am trying to keep up.

Growing my own - growing my own veggies, and raising my own poultry has been a big help. My grocery bill averages $20-$50 a month right now! Which is amazing. I used to spend about $300/month. I am going to be trying goat meat soon, too, and hope to get a couple of beef cows for next spring. Then, my bill will be almost nothing. I am keeping a few turkeys from this batch for myself, and I am going to learn to make turkey sausages with them.

Driving - this one is hard when you live in the boonies, and are still trying to have a life. I am trying VERY hard to cut down on the driving I have to do - both a gas and time savings. Some weeks I win, some weeks I lose. This one is a work in progress. I would do better if I quit all the dog sports I like to do, but not willing to give those up! Driving drives me nuts - it is such a time suck! I always think of how many other things I could be getting done if I didn't have to go so many places.

These are the big ones... besides just not buying any stuff!! I am also doing research on how to live without a fridge. It is actually quite simple for the most part, but I really need a root cellar built before I can venture into that one. Just think of the electricity it would save!!!

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Flooded Driveway
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