Thursday, September 10, 2009


Well, this post is to welcome the newest arrival at the Crazy Dog Farm. This is Kybosh. She is a farm bred Border Collie. I got her to train up and compete in the dogsports- Flyball, and Agility. I think I may do some herding with her, as well, so if I ever need it, she can give me a hand on the farm. You never know when you may need a herding dog! She is 8 weeks old today, and has been with me for several days already. She is TOO CUTE for words! The surprising thing is that I was expecting another really naughty dog like Reckless, but so far she has been really well behaved. She mostly sleeps through the night- only the occasional foray outside to pee, but no screaming in the crate, which is sooo nice! Maggie and Boom are putting up with her quite nicely, and Reckless the puppy hater has even stopped growling at her already. Those two haven't been introduced yet. Recks seriously hates puppies, so I am just taking my time with them. I am making Reckless lay down in front of her crate, and rewarding him for looking at her and not growling. It is going surprisingly well. I took the two of them for a pack-walk today- no introductions, just walking down the driveway and back, and he didn't growl at her once. You could see him look at her once in a while... he's just not sure yet. When we go for a walk together, and he offers play behaviour, I will know it is time to introduce the two. Or, when he realizes she's a girl, then he'll just think she's sexy;-)

I planted my first grape plant today. It's an Interlaken, which is a green seedless grape that ripens earlier than most varieties, so I should get some grapes even if our summers aren't that great. I am hoping to take some cuttings off of it in the spring, so I will have even more grape plants. I am planting them all along the back fenceline, so they will have the dual purpose of offering me some additional privacy from the mobile home park in behind me. I also want to plant some Concord, or some other purple grape so I can make my own grape juice and jelly.
Again, I made a little raised bed for it, so it won't drown in the winter. It's alot of extra work, but will be worth it in the end!!

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Flooded Driveway

Flooded Driveway
Too much RAIN!