Tuesday, October 2, 2012


So everyone that knows me understands I am obsessed with my dogs. They make me happy! They don't judge, they are always glad to see me, and they are fun to be around. I bred my sportmix Reckless with my Border Collie Kybosh this year. June 17, I had my first litter of puppies. I had homes all lined up for them all, then at the last minute, three people fell off the list. I found super good wonderful homes to replace two of them. I am keeping one puppy (will introduce her soon!) and am still looking for the perfect home for the last little puppy. Who is a sweet, smart, I-want-to-please little puppy, and I can't understand why no one will love her! She has tonnes of potential. I just can't raise two sibling puppies... it is so hard to give them both all the attention they need and deserve.

My new Pack of Six - Boom-boom, Maggie, Kybosh, Reckless, Monkey and Bender
Bender - newest addition

Cordy - sweet little split face
 So, I am determined to find a GOOD home for little Cordy - she needs better than what I have to offer. And my little Bender is turning out to be a superstar. She has been coming with me to classes and doing demos for me - at just 15 weeks old! All the pups have been super easy to train and work with. Bender is almost as smart as her daddy! I am raising her to be my next kick assed little agility dog. She is training for flyball as well, but agility is what I really wanted her for.

Just thought I would introduce the new family!

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Flooded Driveway

Flooded Driveway
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