Sunday, February 5, 2012


We are expecting here on the farm. Expecting lots and lots of babies. I just put the new drake in the breeding pen with four females, so the muscovys should start laying soon. Then, I loaded up the incubator with chicken eggs of all descriptions. A few Dorking eggs (the raven's have been stealing most of them, so that's all I was able to save recently), lots of Easter Eggers, and a few ISA/EE mixes. I also am pretty certain Lily the goat is preggers. She is not huge yet, but is starting to get 'that look' about her. Baby goats!! I can't wait for baby goats! Star is probably preggers as well, but just behind Lily. I guess the littler goat is just a bit more slutty than her bigger sister.
I am also planning a breeding between two of my dogs... Reckless, who is a sportmix, and one of the coolest little dogs ever, and Kybosh, my little Border Collie. I spent the last few months getting health tests done on them, making certain neither carries anything genetic (hips, elbows, hearts, eyes, ears). We now have the all clear, both dogs passed everything with flying colours, and I am just waiting for Ky to go into season. Which can't happen soon enough. These pups should totally ROCK. I have been going through puppy yearning a lot lately, and it's time for a new baby to train up in various sports. By the time this pup comes of age to compete, Reckless will be about 7 years old, and in the veterans class. Time goes by wayyyy too quickly with our babies.
Goat, duck, chicken, and puppies. Should be a busy spring!!!

I did have a little oops. (this is my confession time). I foster quite often for a local rescue group... Paws Without Borders. About a month ago, I got this little chocolate coloured 'chiweenie'. (chihuahua x dachshand). She weighs about 2 or 3 lbs, and is the cutest thing you ever saw. I am supposed to keep her until she finds her 'furever' home, but I'm not certain I can let this little girl go. She just fits in so nicely! I am not a small/frufru dog person, but I may have to make an exception;-)

Little Monkey. Think I may have to keep her.....

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Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog. I admire you so much, hope to see you soon and Miriam and I will come up for a visit.

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Flooded Driveway
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