Thursday, February 9, 2012

Greenhouse.... DONE!!!!

The other day, my greenhouse got finished. It was better than Christmas as a kid... I was jumping up and down as Dom the Handy Mum and I put the last poly on. So super exciting!

I still have to build a seeding table, and do some last minute touch ups (handle on the door, latches, gravel pathway), but the greenhouse is IN USE!

I spent all day Sunday laying cardboard down one side, putting goat manure down, then finding some soil to put on top for a planting bed. I also put a big pile of chicken manure in there to heat up, so it will keep it above freezing at night. Unfortunately, the manure I used was thick with ammonia, and WHEW, does it stink! I poured a bunch of EM on it, hopefully it will counteract the ammonia soon. I have to go down each morning, and open the door for a while to let it vent. Luckily, it has been quite warm, so the seeds I planted will not freeze.

This is how I built my greenhouse:
First, I found a used portable car shelter. This cost $100

The framing is starting to go up... we did a 'foundation' first, with 6x6' posts to anchor

The poly is starting to go up!!! This was an exciting day. Sadly, we couldn't finish it all in one day... ran out of supplies and light.

ALL DONE!!! I've waited over 24 years to have my own greenhouse. This is truly a dream come true!!

When Dom was kneeling down, Little Monkey crawled up on her back. I snugged her into Doms hood... she wanted to help, too!!

So, all in all with supplies and paying someone to help me (because I am just NOT handy!) the greenhouse cost me about $1700. If I was to buy a new, pre-fab greenhouse in the same size, it would have cost between $4000-$5000.

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Flooded Driveway
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